Jordan is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. His work is characterized by landscape and outdoor commercial subjects. His photography is defined by strong compositions and an ability to wrangle light to his ends. His career began shooting for skateboard magazines which eventually led him to the role of Photo Editor for the long-running Concrete Wave magazine. His background in skateboarding sparked a drive to constantly search out new locations and subjects. It has created the skill sets necessary to get the most out of potentially short opportunities. With nearly a decade behind him, his aesthetic vision is well honed. 

His work has been published in all major Canadian skateboard and snowboard publications, with multiple recognition in photo annual issues. His work has also been widely published in international publications. Editorial work has characterized much of Jordan's career, but he is also well within his wheelhouse working on branded commercial content. 

Jordan's passion for the outdoors leaves him equally comfortable living out of a tent as he would be at home, and he's always looking for a good excuse.